Four great ideas for events on campus

If you read our post about why you should stay on campus, you know that there are lots of great spaces and facilities to take advantage of here at Memorial. Here’s our list of four ideas for four unique and useful spaces on campus.

Wedding reception in R. Gushue Hall

Wedding July 2013
R. Gushue Hall can be dressed up for any occasion!

The dining hall on campus might not look like much during the school year when it’s used to feed hundreds of hungry students, but it sure cleans up nice! With high ceilings and lots of space for dancing the night away, R. Gushue Hall is the perfect place to hold a reception. The hall’s location in the picturesque Paton College courtyard makes for great photo ops, and wedding guests can spend the night just two minutes from the festivities!

Concert in the Macpherson College Quad

The Macpherson College Quad is the perfect space for an outdoor concert or event.

With a spacious lawn and covered platform stage, this is the perfect spot for a night of musical entertainment. Imagine a night under the stars with live music and bar service, all conveniently located next to our Macpherson College building which is ideal for accommodations or hospitality rooms. If you’re worried about our famous Newfoundland weather, there’s lots of space for tents! The quad is the perfect spot for a unique evening of entertainment that guests aren’t soon likely to forget.

Lecture and cocktail exhibition in the Bruneau Centre

©David Howells
The Bruneau Centre is one of Memorial’s newest and most visually-striking buildings.

The Bruneau Centre is one of Memorial’s newest buildings, making it a modern and unique venue for lectures of all kinds. The Innovation Hall Theatre offers comfortable seating for 320 and state-of-the-art multimedia equipment, while the adjoining adjoining glass-walled atrium provides the perfect space for a post-lecture poster exhibition or cocktail reception.

Class trip in Paton College

Paton College gives high school students a great preview of life in a university residence.

What better way for students to get a taste of university life than a stay in one of our Paton College dorms? Planning is made easy with on-campus catering in the R. Gushue Dining Hall and a convenient location that offers access to both the downtown area and the Avalon Mall. No need to worry about safety either- our buildings are highly secured and we have our very own campus police force. Large common areas, ample outdoor space, and communal kitchens make Paton College a great place for class hangouts during a visit to Newfoundland’s capital.


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